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September 08, 2017
Investment in UK Rail Infrastructure(620KB)

Characteristics of JII

Characteristic 1

Assisting infrastructure business globally
JII contributes to sound and sustainable growth of society by supporting our customers' efforts to deploy their high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies.
JII invests in infrastructure projects and asset holding vehicles overseas which Japanese manufacturers and engineering companies are involved in.

Characteristic 2

Strong risk-taking capability
with financial expertise
JII plays important role such as (1) ensuring feasibility of the projects through evaluating the schemes and financial models and (2) facilitating the deal process.
In addition to greenfield projects, JII considers brownfield projects provided it fits JII’s investment criteria.

Characteristic 3

Always adjacent to our customer
Dedicated investment team with professional skills and diverse backgrounds assesses financial solutions together with the customers.


Asset based finance

Types of products:Distributed power equipment, advanced medical equipment, IT equipment, construction machinery, etc.

Manufacturers sell/deliver equipment via SPC established by JII.
O&M services are provided by the manufacturers or their group companies and partner companies.
  • ・Strengthen O&M businesses of the manufacturers
  • ・Improvement of cash cycle
  • ・Enable manufacturers and customers (end users) to pursue asset-light business model
Asset based finance image

Infrastructure Projects

Types of products:Railway, power generation/transmission, water/sewage etc.

JII supports financing of infrastructure projects by providing equity/mezzanine investment.
  • ・Diversification of funding sources
  • ・Improvement of equity IRR with mezzanine finance
Infrastructure Projects image

Investment Policy

  • ・JII supports Japanese manufacturers and engineering companies deploying their high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies worldwide.
  • ・Endeavors to accumulate the total asset up to JPY100 billion in the future.
Types of
  • ・Equity/ Preferred Stock / Subordinated Loan for infrastructure projects or asset holding vehicles.
  • ・JII takes majority stake in asset holding vehicles subject to customers' clear and strong commitment to be responsible for operations and maintenance of assets held.
Sizes of
  • ・Target: JPY3-5 billion per transaction.
  • ・Negotiable for investments smaller (JPY1 billion or more) and larger (up to JPY10 billion) than the target size.
  • ・USD / EUR / GBP / JPY etc.
Target Sectors
  • ・All infrastructure related sectors.
  • ・Main target sectors include but not limited to power, transport, water, healthcare, IT.
  • ・Global incl. Japan but except for countries prohibited/evaded for security and other reasons.
Holding Period
  • ・Depends on the type of investment.
  • ・JII may divest its investments after projects have reached stable operation stage.

Investment Process

JII makes investment decision through the process outlined below, and ensures adequate decision making and project feasibility.

Investment Process image

Message from CEO

 Currently, an enormous amount of funding requirement lies in the infrastructure industry worldwide in the areas such as energy, transport, ICT, or water. To address such a growing funding gap, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the life of infrastructure is drawing more attention. Furthermore, due to changes in society such as rapidly aging community or improvement of living standard in emerging economies, people’s needs for infrastructure are becoming diverse and complex. Such unique circumstances, however, are creating more opportunities for Japan’s high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies.

 On January 4th, 2017, Japan Infrastructure Initiative Company Limited ("JII") was established by Hitachi Capital Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., with the aim of supporting Japan’s manufacturers, engineering companies, and etc., on a global basis.

 To achieve this objective, JII will act not only by providing risk capital including equity and mezzanine financing to the infrastructure projects, but work closely with business partners from early stages of the projects. JII also wishes to operate as an “Open Financial Platform” for various parties concerned, and work towards delivering Japan’s innovative products and technologies to the world.

President & CEO
Naoki Nishida

President & CEO Naoki Nishida

Company Overview

Company NameJapan Infrastructure Initiative Company Limited
Address10F Meiji Yasuda Life Building, 2-1-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005 Japan
FoundationJanuary 4, 2017
Paid in CapitalJPY20 Billion
Shareholders Hitachi Capital Corporation   47.55%
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co., Ltd.   47.55%
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.   4.90%
Number of Employees21 (Full time)
President & CEONaoki Nishida
Organization StructureOrganization Structure image
・5 minutes walk from Marunouchi South Exit of JR Tokyo Station
・Direct access at Exit 3 of Nijubashi-mae Station of Chiyoda Subway Line
・5 minutes walk from International Forum Exit of JR Yurakucho Station